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Get The Competitive Edge With Sports Massage

Sports Massage is a rapidly evolving sub specialty within the overall field of professional massage therapy. It combines classic and specific techniques designed to provide therapeutic impact for the unique physical and bio mechanical needs of athletes.

Contemporary athletes, from Olympic champions to "weekend warriors"' leave nothing to chance in there attempt to produce faster speeds, lower times, maximum effort and peak performances. They are incorporating the latest sports technology in their training program. More and more of these athletes, at the amateur, college and professional level, have discovered the benefits of Sports Massage, and include massage in their training regimen.

Sports Massage Can Help:

IMPROVE circulation and mobility to muscle tissue, thus maintaining an optimal state of nutrition, relaxation and flexibility.


SPEED recovery of sports related injury while reducing the likelihood of developing chronic problems.


REDUCE muscle soreness and chronic strain patterns, thus allowing a quicker return to maximum training levels.


PROVIDE a psychological boost to the athlete consistent with his/her commitment to peak performance.


ENHANCE a preventive approach to athletic training, whereby clearing soft tissue of trigger points and improving muscular and nervous system functioning.



I have been a proud member and Event Coordinator with the AMTA Ohio Sports Massage Team for several years now. We have provided services to hundreds of events and thousands of athletes across the state. Look for us at your next event or ask your event coordinator to contact us.